BGP (September DevLog): Forming a TEAM!

    This past month has been the most productive by a mile.

     A nice new tradition I'm starting up is putting up 2 Patreon updates a month now. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end. These posts are getting super meaty and full of news now, so the separation gives some breathing room to the avalanche of content to talk about. This month's posts are about finally finding a programmer to help me exponentially speed up development. We got a lot done in just the past 30 days and now the prototype phase is at least 50% complete. 

See the full Patreon Exclusive posts here!

     Otherwise come back in a month for some big news. Because now that we have momentum going, a new demo you can play will be here before you know it.

Or for now, come checkout a quick summary of October's progress on the Yotes Blog.


BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Android) 83 MB
Aug 24, 2017
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (PC) 71 MB
Aug 24, 2017
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Mac) 75 MB
Aug 24, 2017
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Linux) 75 MB
Aug 24, 2017

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