A Major Change of Plans

After some heartbreak, debate, accounting, re-planning, and interviewing new potential team members, we have officially decided to delay Battle Gem Ponies one more time.

Stretching our personal budgets to the absolute limit and holding off until September while we build up the game in a more reasonable timeframe. We wanted a public demo out weeks ago and finally got to a state where we have all the features we want in, but we haven't had time to clean up the bugs and make sure it can make a good first impression.

We can't re-announce the game after a 3-4 year silence and have new players immediately run into game-breaking issues. After everything we've been through to get here, we're not gonna let things play out like that. We're here to blow minds.

We hope you can stay with us long enough to see this through. Some really exciting stuff is on the way for you guys.

Get some new deadlines/goals for the project on the official blog.

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