BGP Kickstarter: Ending Soon & Nearly Funded!

We're on the home stretch, 97% funded with one week to go!

Kickstarter Banner_Nearly Funded.png

The Kickstarter ends Friday, September 3rd at 6pm EST.

And can still be found here.

One thing we'd like to share is that any of the stretch goals not met in this campaign will be funded in other ways, or possibly delayed while we continue pulling together the budget to make them happen.

Likely with a mix of continued Patreon support over time, occasional software jobs, and game sales after the mobile version is finally out next June.

So anyone with a pledge that merits a plushie is still getting theirs as soon as we can afford to make them. And we are willing to delay the DX edition up to another year to get all those stretch goal features in there.


BGP Thumbnail-Maker Media Kit 15 MB
Aug 07, 2021

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