New Build! (The Everfree Patch Notes)

Got a fresh new demo up, with a smotherin' of Bug Fixes for ya! 
Every glitch and error we could find since vending at Everfree Northwest.

BGP PATCH NOTES (Sept. 5th 2021):

The Big News

  • Passive Pony Abilities & Equips Now Work as Intended
  • Menu Issues, Resolved!
  • Glitchy Moves, Fixed!
  • Typos, Corrected!
  • Particle Effects, Adjusted!
  • Background Tinting Animations, Restored!
  • Shield Moves Actually Shield You!
  • Attack Info is Displayed Correctly!
  • Unimplemented Moves that Should Be Hidden, Now Are
  • Buffs & Debuffs Go Up & Down Properly
  • Pegasi Should Now Fear Flying Rocks
  • The Endure Mechanic Works
  • Devil Shot Deals Actual Damage Now
  • The Hidden Spire Trap Activates on Forced Swap-Outs
  • 2-Turn Moves Now Show Relevant Info in Menus
  • 2-Turn Moves Don't Trigger Enemy's  Impact Side-Effects until they Actually Land
  • Made Things More Clear When You're Running Low on Gem Power
  • The Badly Poisoned Malady Now Deals Appropriate Damage
  • Malady Afflicted Debuffs are No Longer Permanent

The Specifics

  • Air ponies can now be hurt by Earth attacks while Burrowed underground
  • Ponies hiding Underground or In the Sky can no longer force the enemy's self-targeted attacks to miss
  • Pony nicknames won't disappear when you return to Team Select after a battle with custom nicknames
  • Move animations that can change the background color now work as expected
  • Barrier's reduced Damage Calculation now works
  • When restoring HP with a leeching move, the camera will always make sure the healed pony is shown along with the healing text
  • Sleep Dust will tell the player when it fails
  • Moves not implemented yet have been removed
  • Stats Screen won't wig out in the middle of battle when a barely noticeable  "null animation" issue comes up (the null animation issue was resolved too)
  • 2-Turn Moves display the proper POW number in menus
  • 2-Turn Moves exist as 2 different attacks behind the scenes now So we can have unique effects for Turn 1 and Turn 2 that won't get mixed up as easily
  • Moves with POW that "varies" show up as "--" instead of "0"
  • Sleep Malady can last more than 2 turns
  • Change Moves screen used to sometimes show the wrong pony's info. Now it double checks for the most recently highlighted pony
  • When rapidly pressing buttons, the game can trip up. We addressed this on nearly every screen in the game
  • When out of GP and forced into "Tackle Mode", unusable moves get removed from play
  • We can finely control where we clamp the Stat Stage Buffs. (currently set on a -3 to 3 scale instead of the initial -6 to 6)
  • Speedster passive ability now works
  • Poni-Bot's Battery Doesn't absorb enemies' self-targeted moves
  • Thestra's ability activates every 3 turns she's on the field, instead of every 3 turns period
  • Life Drain particle effect animation flows in the correct direction now
  • Death Glare consistently lowers the same stats each time
  • Rock Toss & Rock Riot now harm Air ponies just like the description says
  • Star Spurs Equip now works as described
  • Hidden Spire hurts ponies that are swapped in after a KO
  • Fixed Ember Tornado trap animation
  • Yawn no longer resets itself
  • Gigazorb now works when used by or used on Mauss
  • Bide will only deal damage when the user actually takes damage, not when the opponent uses a move that could/will eventually deal damage
  • Venom is now guaranteed to apply Poison
  • Devil Shot now makes its POW 1/2 of the user's EATK stat
  • The UI will show you when Buffs & Debuffs are applied, right when they happen
  • Getting a 9+ Combo on a Multi-Hit Move no longer causes the Hit Counter to stay onscreen
  • Exiting Battle now Resets Bonus Value assignments and Toggling "Disable BVs" button won't erase what you assigned them to
  • Mini Pony Sprites Animate properly in their little boxes across all menus


BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Android).apk 101 MB
Sep 06, 2021
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (PC).zip 120 MB
Sep 06, 2021
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Mac).zip 124 MB
Sep 06, 2021
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Linux).zip 125 MB
Sep 06, 2021

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