BGP October Update: New Combat Overhaul Demo on GameJolt!

BGP demos just got a second home over on GameJolt! Give it a look, play the newest build, and maybe even join our little community forming over there. (btw: Demos still get posted on Itch as well!)

And if you wanna see what's new, just check out the patch notes on the latest build below!


BGP PATCH NOTES (Oct. 1 2021):

The Big News

  • Battle Calculator Overhaul!
  • (Much more reasonable damage outputs in battle.)
  • Settings Button Added to Title Screen
  • Glitchy Menus Touched Up
  • Weather Effects now Work Properly
  • 2-Turn Moves can Account for Weirdness
  • Equips Work When You Expect Them To
  • Random VS Match Team Loadout Bugs are Squashed!
  • More Gem Power for Everypony!
  • Troublesome Moves are Debugged!

The Specifics

  • Switched to a Division-based damage algorithm.
  • Balanced stats using Ponatina as the base character dealing ideal percentages of damage with each move. (No more dealing 1% average damage to Furum & Poni-Bot anymore!)
  • Altered the way stats change on level up to scale logarithmically.
  • Made GP stat more plentiful.
  • The Game Boot-Up Loading Screen is now centered and readable.
  • Volume Settings have been added to the title screen and rebalanced on our end to sound reasonable.
  • The Change Moves screen no longer opens or reloads with the wrong pony's info on display.
  • In battle, exiting the FIGHT! button's move select HUD no longer continues to display a 'swap-to pony' if you were checking out a party member's moveset while they weren't actually on the field.
  • Pony Equips now activate at the start of the very first turn instead of after.
  • Issue where jumping into a Random Match right after boot-up forgets to load pony abilities has been fixed.
  • Item or Ability induced weather conditions now carry on continuously instead of stopping only to trigger the effect and begin again.
  • Weather bonus effects now kick-in whenever a pony enters the field instead of only being applied once when the weather first activates.
  • The moves Hex, Endure, Inner Power, Hex Powder, Night Fright, Cheap Shot, and Swarm Shield work properly now.
  • Outrage Aggro State now lasts 2-3 turns instead of 1.
  • Counter/Endure/Reflect/Bide now deflect all hits of a Multi-Hit attack.
  • 2-Turn Moves can now be configured to have different priorities on each phase.
  • 2-Turn Moves no longer ignore being put to Sleep.
  • Interrupted airborne state no longer continues the feather drop animation.
  • Edge cases involving 2-Turn moves and triggered abilities/equips/matchups/side effects have been tested and accounted for.
  • We now have the ability to clamp stat stages however we want instead of having -3 to +3 stat buffs hardcoded.
  • Status moves now take the target pony's class matchup into account.
  • Tutor slot moves can now be hidden if your GP is too low to use that attack.
  • Removed Nullified Ability Labels that mysteriously appeared in battle.
  • Devil Shot & Torment had their POW formulas adjusted to deal worthwhile damage.
  • Leech moves now restore the proper amount of the attacker's HP.
  • The pony-form lock state now actually prevents swapping out.
  • Mauss' Thirsty ability now absorbs Whirlpool traps.
  • Furum's Compensate ability no longer stacks and can activate on swap-in.
  • The Rainbow Rock item has been nerfed to give the user less speed.
  • Rainbryte can no longer use the Silver Scales attack (it's side effect along with her Ability was just too OP!)


BGP Combat Overhaul Demo [2021] (Android).apk 125 MB
Oct 01, 2021
BGP Combat Overhaul Demo [2021] (PC).zip 131 MB
Oct 01, 2021
BGP Combat Overhaul Demo [2021] (Mac).zip 124 MB
Oct 01, 2021
BGP Combat Overhaul Demo [2021] (Linux).zip 128 MB
Oct 01, 2021

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