The Battle Gem Ponies Everfree Demo is Finally LIVE!

Released to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Kickstarter that made this project possible! 

Download Here:
In This Demo You'll Find:
- New Battle Mechanics
- More Team Customization Options
- A Lively Island Overworld to Explore
- A New Shop & Currency System
- 12 New Pony Ultra Forms
- More Advanced Battle AI
- Improved HUD/UI - And a Bangin' New Boss Fight Track!

[Patch Notes for 0.5.2]
- Wild Battles No Longer Freeze When P2 Picks an Invalid Turn Action
- Missing Overworld Interaction Text Has Been Reinstated
- Fixed Visual Glitch with Water Tiles
- Level 3 AI Will No Longer Force Basic Class Ponies to Go Ultra
- KO'd Party Leader Ponies No Longer Appear in Battle
- Declined Tamers in Town Won't Force You to Battle Anyway
- Erasing Files Now Fully Resets All Data for that File
- VS Match Menu No Longer Breaks After Returning from a Force Quitted Match
- Move Info UI is Slightly Larger


BGP Everfree Demo [2022] (Android).apk 109 MB
88 days ago
BGP Everfree Demo [2022] (PC).zip 129 MB
88 days ago
BGP Everfree Demo [2022] (Mac).zip 132 MB
89 days ago
BGP Everfree Demo [2022] (Linux).zip 134 MB
89 days ago
BGP Thumbnail-Maker Media Kit 114 MB
89 days ago

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